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Lavender Grapefruit
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Citrus Splash
Comfort By Christine Products
I take pride in my wide selection of quality products. All of the products are gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. Great for facial use and frequent hand washing!

If you have any questions regarding my products or would like more information, please contact me:
Summer at its best! A splash of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon all combined to create an energizing aroma. A splendid way to start your morning!
Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars
Lavender Oatmeal
Soothing lavender is beautifully paired with organic ground oatmeal for a beauty bar that is both calming and nourishing.

Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars
Lemon Drops
Limited Edition Soaps
​Sweet candied lemon drops to stimulate your senses, a summer favorite!

Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars
These soap bars only come around once a year. Limited quantities available.

Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars
Each Beauty Bar is a generous    4.5 - 5 oz hand-cut bar!  
Roll-On Perfume Oil
​Natural perfume oil made with organic unrefined jojoba oil. Jojoba is nourishing and contains a high level of vitamin e and other essential nutrients. For a full list of available scents, just ask!
Price: $8.95             1/3oz Glass Roll-On                              
Beard Oil Conditioner
​Pamper your rugged man with this moisturizing beard oil conditioner. Made with organic unrefined jojoba oil, this beard oil can tame & nourish the wildest beard. For a full list of available scents, just ask!
Price: $8.25     1/2oz Glass Dropper
Coconut Laundry Bars
These soap bars are made entirely out of organic virgin coconut, an extremely cleansing oil. Made specially for DIY laundry soap.               

Price: $4.50                5 oz Laundry Bars
​Perfect pick-me-up duo! Uplift your senses with these beautiful soap bars made half lavender and half grapefruit.

Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars

All soaps are scented naturally with essential oils.
I accept Paypal payments for online orders. 

For local buyers, I accept cash, check or credit/debit in person upon pickup of your order. 
Fragrance Shipping Rates:
*Within the US. All International orders, please request a quote. 


Soap/Other Shipping Rates:
*Within the US. All International orders, please request a quote. 

   # of Items                             Shipping Rate

         1                                              $2.25

Each additional                                 $1.25

 5 or more                                         $7.25

Get your green on with these refreshing natural beauty bars! These essential oils are an intoxicating mix.

Price: $4.50         4.5oz Beauty Bars
Shea Body Butter
Dead Sea Bentonite 
Mud Masks
Buttermilk Bath Glow
Unrefined shea butter is the number ONE ingredient in this amazing cream! Apply under your eyes or on baby's bottom, so many applications! Buy a jar for the whole family!    

Price: $10.00                                 8oz Jar
Perfect for all skin types, each 1oz bag contains enough for a least 2 facial masks. Reduces acne and helps clear complexion. Naturally charged to draw out toxins.​
Price: $10.00        5x - 1oz Powders
Royalty made these baths popular! Buttermilk, oatmeal and sea salts will keep your skin feeling and looking like a queen!            

Price: $6.00                               2-4 Baths